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Catherine Worsley

Cake Artist & Fine Art Photographer

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welcome cake lover!

Congratulations on your upcoming Wedding!


I am so excited for you both! Thank you so much for stopping by to check out my cakes...

Hi my name is Catherine but you can call me Cathy... I love all things travel but especially Paris. Finding and trying patisserie is always in my travel plans. I love when delicious food, beautiful decor and an amazing experience all come together to create memories that last a lifetime.

I want that for you and your wedding day.

Your wedding cake is the star at your event, and with my training as a photographer, it is so important to me that your cake is perfect, beautiful and displayed to get the best reaction from your guests. Your wedding cake needs to make a beautiful centrepiece for your event, It is my job to make sure you get the impact you are looking for. 


I love to add that extra service by personally delivering and setting up your beautiful wedding cake so that I can be on hand if you need me to style your cake with fresh flowers... otherwise I am happy to just get it all ready for your florist so that she can do her magic.


It is important to me that your wedding cake is a moist and delicious cake freshly created from the highest quality ingredients, in classic crowd pleasing flavours and it is displayed to make it look as awesome as it tastes... your wedding cake needs to be an incredible memory from the best day of your life.

I would love to be able to create the perfect finale to your Big Day!