Cake Flavours


All of my wedding cakes are baked in a mudcake style that is moist and delicious. Each cake is baked from scratch laden with yummy chocolate to keep it beautifully textured and preventing the layers from drying out. Each tier is filled with creamy chocolate ganache to match the cake flavour.


This cake style gives my the perfect smooth finish and a super stable and long shelf life, it is happy to sit on display for hours without refrigeration and still taste amazing at the end of the night.


I am a purist and love a great chocolate cake! This one is for the chocolate lovers on the guest list... This is a death by chocolate kinda Mud cake made from lots of couverture chocolate and a hint of Mocha with a rich filling of couverture chocolate and a touch of Red wine to tone down the sweetness and pump up the intensity! So good!

* Also available in Gluten Free

Chocolate Mudcake 


This is my signature flavour... I don't like anything that tastes sickly sweet, so my White Chocolate is a perfectly balanced cake flavoured with a super generous amount of fresh vanilla bean to give it a clean, classic taste. The filling is a smooth white chocolate ganache flavoured with more fresh vanilla bean and a subtle finishing touch of rose. This cake is an absolute crowd pleaser... I promise there will be none left!

* Also available in Gluten Free

White Chocolate Mudacke


If you have sweet tooth, my classic caramel mud cake with give you everything you need! My sweetest flavour, this caramel mud has just the right amount of sweetness and bite, with a touch of salt added to the ganache to keep it classic but grown up. This cake is perfect to end the night with tea and coffee or to serve with whipped cream and a gooey caramel sauce. Make sure you get a piece, as this one will not last!

Caramel Mudcake


If you love Banana bread, you are gonna love this one! It is super light and summery in flavour and moist in texture, it is my wildcard flavour, something classic but still unexpected as a wedding cake. It is perfect for long balmy summer evenings or even cold fireside weddings, served with either a cold or hot caramel sauce depending on the season! Guests will be going back for seconds!

Banana Mudcake